Do you remember PC John Page?
Heacham Village 'Bobby' from 1963 - 1981


John with his famous bike
(do you remember when policemen cycled round the villages?)

John was born in Spalding on the 26th June 1931. His father was a railway fireman and the family moved to King's Lynn when John was 5 years old. John joined the police force and was first stationed in Thorpe St Andrew on the outskirts of Norwich. This is where he met Jenny and they married on the 11th September 1954. John then moved to Caister St Edmund and was there for 8 years.
John and Jenny moved to Heacham in  January 1963 and we were privileged to have John as our village policeman for 18 years until he retired at the age of 50 in 1981 after 30 years service. As he could not take out his pension until he was 55 he got a job at CITB in Bircham, expecting to work there until he was 55. However his skills gained as a policeman and his love of sport went down so well at CITB he was there for 15 years being the 'House Master' and he finally retired in 1996.
John was married to Jenny for 43 years and they had two sons. John could have gone for promotion but that would have meant moving around and he wanted a stable home for Jenny and the boys so stayed in Heacham. On retirement from the police John and Jenny moved from the police house in Poplar Avenue to Kenwood Road where they both lived until John died in 1997. Jenny is still living in the house and Heacham Heritage thanks her for the photos and information.

John and Jenny prior to moving to Heacham

Jenny as she is today

John always on hand to help and it looks like Jack Trundley talking to (anyone know?)

 The recent flood in Station Road was nothing we had not seen many times before, as shown above!

John loved his sport especially football playing for Heacham

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