Callaby's Riding School

Heacham Heritage would like to thank Robert Callaby for allowing us to copy his photos and for his help with identifying them.

I have done my best to identify some of the characters but as almost all were taken before my birth I cannot vouch for the accuracy. The coach pictures are around 1950 but the remainder are mainly 1930s. By way of background I am Robert Frederick Callaby, my father was Robert Horace  and his father was Horace Callaby who bought Caley Farm from the Hunstanton Estate in 1917. Horace died in 1945 when my father took over. The riding establishment closed in 1953/4. Caley Farm was run as a guest house until 1952 when it was turned into flats, housing three families of US air force personnel as well as my family. All photos taken at Caley Farm unless stated.

Caley Farm is now privately owned.

The coach and four belonged to the Smith family from Darley Dale in Derbyshire and was driven down over a period of three days because there was no change of horses. They brought with them their own groom/farrier.

Heacham harriers was a pack owned by Horace Callaby and hunted by Charles Johnson who farmed and lived at the Bays.(old dairy).

No characters recognised but probably preparing for a hack to the beach or Ringstead Downs.

L-R Herbert Howling (head groom), Horace Callaby -----? ------?

Left Robert Horace Callaby on champion pony Jupiter accompanied by his father Horace on hunter Cardigan.

Smith family coach passing the green and church. The small figure in white on the centre front seat is me.

Horace Callaby centre with long jacket. Far left John Holloway and far right Mary Holloway (Stanley Holloway's children)

(Sir) Alfred Munnings. The greatest ever horse artist but very poor horseman!

Letter from Munnings to Horace Callaby requesting accommodation. He was on a commission to paint the King`s shooting cob "Jock" at Sandringham as a present to the King from his family, hence the real reason behind the secrecy. The cover was blown by a media sleuth of the day though my grandfather was initially in the firing line! The painting is on display at Sandringham.

Callaby's indoor riding school, today it is Beekens garage which is to be demolished and replaced by houses.

Letter from Lady Munnings acknowledging my father`s condolences concerning Sir Alfred`s death.

Letter from Stanley Holloway to my father , having just retired from playing the leading role in My Fair Lady in the west end. His first wife and children spent many holidays at Caley Farm. Upon his wife`s untimely death her wish was to be buried at Heacham. As a catholic it befell my father to arrange for the catholic ceremony to be performed by the Hunstanton priest and she was duly buried  in Heacham churchyard in 1937. My grandfather was buried in the adjacent grave in 1945. Mary and youngest son John have visited me in recent years.

Charles Johnson unloading sacks at Moulam and Horn.



Ari (Harry) Asselbergs, Dutch Haute Ecole trainer and I think one time director of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. A friend of Horace Callaby and visitor to Caley Farm.

L-R. Horace Callaby, Robert Horace Callaby, John Holloway, Mary Holloway.

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